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Kicking my Reddit habit

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’ve been finding for the last few weeks that’s I’ve been unable to go more than 30 minutes without checking Reddit.

Why is this you ask? Well, two words, Oculus Rift.

Over the last few weeks Oculus have been releasing new information concerning what will be included with the Rift and what the price will be.

The announcements of Eve Valkyrie and Luckys Tale being bundled with the Rift were good news, having two full VR games included to get you started will be great. Obviously there’ll be a load of free demos and videos to watch through Oculus home as soon as you get your Rift, which is brilliant and makes me really wish I could get one straight away.

After the pre-sales went live, Reddit exploded. Let’s just say people weren’t all happy with the $599 price tag. Personally I’m not angry with Oculus, but they should have just come out and said “this thing will cost more than $500”, which they didn’t. They made comments saying they’d like it as cheap as possible but then later on started saying things like “Good VR will be available before most can afford it”, which was subtle hint to people not to expect a cheap price as they’d already said the Rift was targeting high quality VR.

So yes, I was addicted to checking Reddit, reading every new bit of information, as well as constantly replying to new users who were making stupid claims about Oculus and the rift which were just untrue, such as tech specs, amount of games, PC cost requirements, etc…. I understand, it’s a complex product, requiring a high end PC, so it’s understood there’d be a lot of anger from people that can’t afford it, but really want it.

My aim, is to keep off Reddit until March. I’ll focus on my Android game development and messing around with Google cardboard, maybe I’ll get the money together by then to buy a new PC and a Rift, then I can at least read r/oculus more seriously.