Thoughts on Googles talk on using cardboard in classrooms

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

I love the idea of using cardboard to do virtual field trips, there are a couple of startups trying to do this already and I think it will be really, really popular with schools and children (I know it would have blown me away when I was at school).

For the practical side, yes cardboard is cheap, and I’m sure the schools could get them for around $5 each, but what about the devices inside them? I say devices, as they could be phones or players, like ipod touches. But what about the minimum spec for these devices. From playing around with some devices and cardboard, I’d say that 720p is the bare minimum resolution for cardboard. Ideally we’d give all schools 1440p devices but they have budgets to stick to. So let’s say we use 2nd Gen Moto G phones, they have 720p displays, gyros, and can be bought for as low as £125 on Amazon UK, or $180 on Amazon US. I’d run them all on wifi only mode, so no SIMs required. Based on this, you could outfit a classroom of 30 children with cardboard and devices for $5550 (£3900), which is actually pretty good. You could obviously improve the experience by throwing in earphones and simple bluetooth controllers, but as a base level, a moto G and cardboard would be a good start.


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