Follow your heart with your career

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’ve just been turned down for a new internal role at work I applied for. The manager decided to go with the other internal applicant instead. He said it was a close call but that the other person applied sooner and had slightly more exprience in the areas he felt were important for the role. I’m very disappointed of course, I’ve been in my position now for eight years and find it very mundane and need something new to keep me going. I work for a software company as a projects consultant, configuring our software for new customers and providing training. But it’s the same grind each day, set something up, find it doesn’t work right, set it up again, find out the software buggy and will take months to fix. Try to explain this to the user who doesn’t care. It’s just getting too much to bother with each day.

The new role was to be a cloud services manager, workign on our new Cloud platform offering, most of which right now would be hosting our current legacy applications on windows servers, but also pushing forward with our brand new web based software solutions built on a web framework we’ve been developing. It would have been great, I could have talked about VPNs,sFTP servers, VM load balancing, automated overngiht processes, global network latency, all that crap, but now I can’t and have to carry on doing the same old job.

Still, today is a new day, I’ve submitted my CV to another online jobs site, so lets see what happens.


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