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I love the idea of using cardboard to do virtual field trips, there are a couple of startups trying to do this already and I think it will be really, really popular with schools and children (I know it would have blown me away when I was at school).

For the practical side, yes cardboard is cheap, and I’m sure the schools could get them for around $5 each, but what about the devices inside them? I say devices, as they could be phones or players, like ipod touches. But what about the minimum spec for these devices. From playing around with some devices and cardboard, I’d say that 720p is the bare minimum resolution for cardboard. Ideally we’d give all schools 1440p devices but they have budgets to stick to. So let’s say we use 2nd Gen Moto G phones, they have 720p displays, gyros, and can be bought for as low as £125 on Amazon UK, or $180 on Amazon US. I’d run them all on wifi only mode, so no SIMs required. Based on this, you could outfit a classroom of 30 children with cardboard and devices for $5550 (£3900), which is actually pretty good. You could obviously improve the experience by throwing in earphones and simple bluetooth controllers, but as a base level, a moto G and cardboard would be a good start.


I’ll put it out there right now. I think we’re going to see the Oculus Rift work with the xbox one.

It makes sense, they’re working on Windows software which could easily be adapted to work with the Xbox One, especially when microsoft launch windows 10 on Xbox later this year.

Sony have the Morpheus, but Microsoft haven’t announced anything yet, Hololens isn’t close to what the Morpheus is offering, so it makes sense to partner with Oculus to use the Rift.

the Xbox One has 3 usb 3.0 ports, an HDMI connecter and wireless controllers, it also has enough processing power to do VR if comparisons to the PS4 are anything to go by, Directx 12 will also help a lot with performance.

I’ve just been turned down for a new internal role at work I applied for. The manager decided to go with the other internal applicant instead. He said it was a close call but that the other person applied sooner and had slightly more exprience in the areas he felt were important for the role. I’m very disappointed of course, I’ve been in my position now for eight years and find it very mundane and need something new to keep me going. I work for a software company as a projects consultant, configuring our software for new customers and providing training. But it’s the same grind each day, set something up, find it doesn’t work right, set it up again, find out the software buggy and will take months to fix. Try to explain this to the user who doesn’t care. It’s just getting too much to bother with each day.

The new role was to be a cloud services manager, workign on our new Cloud platform offering, most of which right now would be hosting our current legacy applications on windows servers, but also pushing forward with our brand new web based software solutions built on a web framework we’ve been developing. It would have been great, I could have talked about VPNs,sFTP servers, VM load balancing, automated overngiht processes, global network latency, all that crap, but now I can’t and have to carry on doing the same old job.

Still, today is a new day, I’ve submitted my CV to another online jobs site, so lets see what happens.