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Okay, so initially I had to check the calendar to see if it was April 1st. Then I was angry about it. I checked the oculus subreddit and saw all the posts from people cancelling their orders. But then I stopped and thought about it. Honestly, I think it’s actually a good idea.
This deal will give oculus the cash they need to negotiate much better deals with hardware manufacturers for the high resolution displays they need, and give them the public exposure from the size of the deal to get noticed by more than just the hardcore PC gamer or VR nerd.
Also, when you read something like Ready player one, which has a huge online universe, it makes sense that this type of social vr network would be started by a social networking company.
It doesn’t mean we’ll sew Facebook adverts in all the rift enabled games, but it does mean they can release it much cheaper sue to the high volume sales they’ll get from announcing the product on everyone’s Facebook feed. It’s likely Facebook will want to develop a VR storefront, so that might annoy valve. But then I’m thinking valve are assuming oculus won’t be the only VR headset manufacturer. As soon as oculus release the consumer headset you can be you’ll see Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and maybe Nvidia announcing headsets too. This is why the new vr menu in stream doesn’t state oculus, it just says VR, which means they could be counting on a vr standard being developed which the consumer oculus rift will just be the front runner of.
You’ll probably see Sony announce PC support for their headset too.
Getting upset over oculus getting bought by Facebook would be like getting upset over AOL or CompuServe doing something in the mid 90s just before home internet exploded. This is where vr is right now and I’m sure five years from now you’ll have a massive range of high quality immersive headsets to choose from. Facebook is merely trying to get on at the ground floor.

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My Galaxy S2 has been getting a little long in the tooth. Coming up to three years old now. So I made the decision it was time for a change. We have a new baby on the way so I new to pick something that was more powerful than the S2 but also cheap. I think I’ll be making more phone calls home from work once the baby arrives so I signed onto O2s £16 a month unlimited minutes and texts deal with a gig of data. For the phone, I decided on the Motorola Moto G. It’s twice the speed of the S2 according to benchmarks, has a 720p screen and runs the latest android version.
I’ve had it a few days more and I’ve got to say I’m impressed.

I’ve uploaded my Flappy Bird clone. I used Basic4Android and the accelerated surfaces library to do it. It runs really well.


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